Meet Canmore a great Dress

Again i got an oppertunity to test for Little Lizard King. This time it was a dress with lots of options. 

Because of the limited time i currently have i decided to go for the tunic length sleeveless. I did want to make a ruffle on the bottom of the skirt. 

The pattern is for woven fabric and closes on both sides of the neck with snaps. 

I found this really cute icecream fabric at the Kwantum (in the Netherlands) And decided to use this for the Canmore. 

A couple of weeks ago i also found a box of kamsnaps with the tool for it at the Lidel in Germany. It has flower shapes, star shapes and heart shapes besides the regular round shapes!

The dress is a very quick sew and not hard at all. The only thing you really need to make sure you do is attach the snaps at the right place, this is so the fitting will be correct! 

I did a few shoots with this tunic because of weather etc. But also because i got to borrow a 50mm lens for the camera! The photos above are made with this camera, i just love how it gives that dreamy effect!  The weather was really good here so she is wearing a short legging underneath the tunic, making it perfect for warm days.

I also purchased a 35 mm last week which i will show Soon as well because it makes such good photo’s! 

So these photos where the first photos i made with my new Nikon camera, she is wearing a top and legging underneath making it suitable for colder days to! 

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