Meet the new vintage set!

I got a great opportunity to test the new vintage set of Brindille and Twig. They always have very fast testings and my little girl got corona in the middle of it.. Also my new camera came in during testing, so my photos where not of the best quality because i still needed to get used to all the new settings it features!!

But i am now a proud owner of a Nikon D3200 and i will keep experimenting with it in the following weeks/months to improve!! I think i will also start a category for my photography to!

Anyhow, back to the patterns!

The set is made of a oversized pants and sweater. The pants had me a bit confused because instead of adding a waistband you just fold it over and add an elastic in it.. And it has pockets so i read everything multiple times haha. But it all worked out perfectly!

The sweater was a very easy sew and i really love how it is nice and baggy!

The sweater is made of a french terry and the pants of corduroy with has a certain glow to it. Even though miss Elena was very ill (fever and miserable) she did manage to make these photos.

I did photoshop them because of the corona we did not get to go outside and my house was a big mess! But i think they turned out okay.

Conclusion patterns

The sweater gets a 9 out of 10 because of the way it sits and how easy it is to sew!

The pants gets a 7 out of 10 mostly because of the way the waist is handled. But because of the just folding it makes an easy sew !

You can get these 2 patterns on

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